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Exclusive Ammo Review .38 Special 125 gr +P Snub Nose Pro Truth About Guns

By 12/01/2018April 11th, 2022Reviews
Steinel Ammo 38 SPL + P Snub Nose Pro

Steinel Ammunition’s new 38 Special +P 125 gr Snub Nose Pro ammunition was recently reviewed by Josh Wayner on The Truth About Guns website.

“In this TTAG exclusive, I will be taking a look at the brand new, purpose-made Steinel 38 Special +P 125 gr Snub Nose Pro ammunition. I have the honor of being the first to use this new load and put it through its paces at the range. I love to see new ammo that’s specifically made for one of my favorite types of guns, the snub-nose revolver, which is also a perennial favorite and the EDC choice of many people.”

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