7.7 x 58 Japanese Arisaka 174gr. FMJBT (Accuracy Optimized)


Projectile: Hornady 174 grain FMJBT

  • Moderate crimp into cannelure
  • 20 Rounds
  • New brass
  • CCI Primers
  • Hodgdon powder

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This is our premium 7.7 Japanese Arisaka load. With the same tight tolerances you have come to expect from Steinel Ammunition, this 7.7 X 58mm recipe achieves an average muzzle velocity of 2,380 fps from a 26″ barrel Type 99.  This 174 grain FMJ load is more representative of the ammunition fired during WWII.  For our lighter recoil 150 grain load click here.

WARNING: If you have not yet fired your Type 99- please inspect your rifle before shooting. If there is no rifling present, you are likely in possession of a training rifle. These training rifles were designed only for extremely low-pressure BLANKS, and firing live cartridges such as these WILL result in injury.


Range (yds)Velocity (fps)Energy (ft-lbs)Trajectory (in)

Additional information

Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions6 × 3.30 × 1.4 in