7.35 x 51mm Carcano 128gr. Soft Point 20rds


  • Velocity: 2,440 feet per second (21″ bbl)
  • New, reloadable Prvi Partisan brass
  • Non-corrosive powder and primer
  • 20 Rounds
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This is Steinel’s 128gr 7.35 X 51 Carano, for use in your Model 1938 rifle.  Note this is not 6.5 Carcano- the round made famous for its role in changing American politics in 1963.

Note that we use a proper .300″ diameter bullet.  This contributes to superior accuracy and lower pressures compared to ammunition loaded with cheaper, more readily available bullets.  Shoot your old warhorse with these and expect both reliable feeding and an accurate load.


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20 Rounds

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 3.30 × 1.4 in