460 S&W Magnum 300gr. XTP Mag Full Power


This is Steinel’s 300-grain 460 S&W Magnum load. This is best suited for close range hunting and self-defense as well as thick-skinned game. Recoil is significant, particularly in the short barrel X-Frame revolvers. Accuracy is on par with our 240-grain offering, though the range of the 300-grain projectile is not as far. Note that the XTP-Mag bullets by Hornady offer a thicker copper jacket which yields significantly better penetration over their standard XTP bullets.

1,905 FPS (10″ barrels)

20 Rounds


Out of stock as of 2/17/19

Out of stock

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Weight1.4375 lbs
Dimensions3.30 × 6 × 1.4 in