45 Colt 315 gr. Hard Cast- Ruger Only


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This 45 Colt load is for use only in strong actions such as the Ruger Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk, Ruger Bisley, Ruger Redhawk, TC Contentder.  It is also safe in modern lever guns.  The cartridge overall length of this load is short enough to facilitate feeding in any lever action rifle.

Note that the New Vaquero model (small frame, “New Vaquero”, 3-digit serial number prefix) are not built to withstand this load.  The Original Vaquero model (large frame, “Vaquero”, 2-digit serial number prefix) will handle these loads.

2.75″    = 1,070 FPS
4″         = 1,200 FPS
4 5/8″ = 1,270 FPS
7.5″     = 1,329 FPS
10.5″   = 1,475 FPS
22″      = 1,634 FPS


New Starline brass

HEAVY “bottleneck” crimp

Hard Cast 315gr RFGC

This 45 Colt was developed for penetration and reliability in all lever action rifles.


Developed, loaded, and inspected by Steinel Ammunition Co.

20 Rounds

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 2.9 × 2.3 × 1.9 in