40 Smith & Wesson Defensive JHP Golden Sabers (Controlled Separation)


This defensive round provides unusual, but compelling performance. At the core of this round, is Remington’s unbonded, brass-jacketed hollow point, the Golden Saber. Steinel has effectively taken the Golden Saber and developed the ultimate .40 cal defensive round. In-gel testing, this round consistently penetrates an average of 13.5″, before something incredible happens: the jacket completely separates, and the slug travels another 1.5″. This “controlled separation” was unique to the Golden Saber in 40 S&W in all of our testing. If you carry this caliber or use it for home defense—this round is for you.

20 Rounds

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Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions2.20 × 2.80 × 1.40 in