Steinel Ammunition is known for our 300-grain JHP 458 SOCOM load.  Since then we have not only added more calibers, but we have also added more SOCOM loads to help fill the various roles that this caliber can handle.

  • Maker Bullets – These solid copper hollow points offer world-class expansion and weight retention.
  • Steinel Monolithic – These solid brass bullets offer unrelenting penetration.  The wide meplat is less susceptible to deflection and imparts a wide wound channel significantly deeper than its expanding counterparts.
  • 300gr JHP – This is the best value in 458 SOCOM. Expect groups no larger than 1.5″ at 100 yards and effective terminal ballistics.
  • Hornady’s FTX – The spire point and overall design of this bullet offer greater range and terminal ballistics.  Added bonus: our load often achieves sub-MOA accuracy.