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Discerning shooters know that when it comes to premium ammunition—attention to detail, quality components, and careful craftsmanship make all the difference. Steinel Ammunition Co. (formerly XCaliber) is a premium ammunition manufacturer Dedicated to Every Round™. We painstakingly develop and meticulously test our ammunition to provide you with the confidence, performance, and dependability you need in any situation (target shooting, hunting, competition, and self-defense). Below you will find a few of our best selling cartridges.

Steinel Ammunition Co. focuses on rare and large bore cartridges like 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, 45/70 Government, 7.75 x 48 Arisaka and others. This focus allows us to refine our processes and testing for exceptional performance and reliability. We back every order with a no-questions satisfaction guarantee—and you’ll be delighted with our fast shipping and responsive customer service.

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